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    Did you know that your baby at six months will double in size and at around 12 months old will start to walk and talk? As proud parents of four children ourselves, we know the importance of recording each stage of their rapid development and the joy of reliving those moments again and again as you watch them grow up.

    Baby Photography - Belfast Baby of the Month Winner 2017

    Baby Ronan Wins UK Baby of the Month!

    Pictured here receiving his £100 Mothercare Voucher.

    Lovely update from baby Ronan, one of our March 2017 winners: Pictured collecting his £100 Mothercare voucher 😊 Here's what photographer Dermot Murphy (pictured) had to say about the win: "Every baby is a miracle but this one is extra special. This wee dude has been a lifeline for his Mum during her recovery from a life-threatening condition which meant she had to learn to walk and talk again." Ronan's mum had this to add after a trip to Mothercare "Just back from a wee shopping trip ☺. Thanks so much for everything! You made the whole process so easy and the results are amazing.". If you'd like to read more about Jude's story, you can find the full article here: http://bit.ly/2sNeNAR. If you'd like to find out more about Dermot and his studio, you can do so here: http://bit.ly/2pCy1ec -Dermot Murphy Photography

    Our Unique Style

    Our baby portrait sessions are designed around your child and are a unique and personal experience. Our sessions are a relaxed and enjoyable experience as we capture a variety of posed and candid expressions of your little one(s). Babies are encouraged to play, crawl, jump, run and most importantly, have fun! With our expertise in anticipating that perfect moment, we can create baby portraits that are beautiful, touching, and emotional!

    When to book?

    To be honest, it’s never too early to book! During their first year, your baby will quickly go through some significant milestones, and there are many ideal times that you should look to record their development.


    • 3 Months: Smile in response to your smile, recognise your face, laugh out loud

    • 6 Months: Sitting, reaching, responds to sounds, blows bubbles, mouths objects
    • 9 Months: Cruising, crawling, standing (holding on), waves, loves being tickled
    • 12 Months: Bottom shuffling, taking first steps, exploring their world.


    We only book a limited number of Baby Sessions each week as we like to spend a bit of time with our clients and not make you feel rushed. So it is advisable to check our availability by calling 02890 996 976.

    Angela Davidson

    Dungannon. County Tyrone

    "What a great job you guys did and a wonderful way with little people. I will cherish this forever!"

    In the studio, at home or on location?

    We offer baby portraits in our studio, or in the comfort of your home. Working in our studio allows us to offer a controlled environment, with our unique baby sensitive lighting and controlled room temperature that are so crucial to the success of a Baby Photography session. Our studio sessions focus on posed baby portraits, although we’re always happy to capture some photographs with mum and dad if they wish to join in!


    We also offer an "at home" session for clients want to incorporate the nursery or other meaningful settings within their home. We'll provide the portable lighting equipment, blankets, and accessories and create a studio set up in your home for those “classic” posed baby portraits.

    Text BABIES to 02890 9104 2050 ​ to receive

    more info about our Baby Photography Packages

    What to wear?

    The color scheme of your portrait session should complement the decor in your home. So, consider where you plan to hang the picture. What is the style of your home decor What are the color tones of the room? Also, think about how you will feel about the portrait(s) five to ten years from now. Will you look back and think “what was I thinking?!” or is the look timeless and nostalgic.


    Coordinating what you wear at your portrait session to the place you plan to display your photographs will make the art seamlessly integrate with space and look customized for your home.


    Think about and understand what your aesthetic style is. If you love vintage antiques, we are going to design that session a lot differently than if your home is clean, modern and all white. Does your home have a comfortable feel? Elegant? Modern? These are all things to think about when styling your session.

    Artistically Edited

    Creating beautiful artistic images takes time! But you relax, it will be worth the wait. For every minute we spend together with you in the session, we will spend hours more in post production to make your portraits and overall experience exceptional. After your Baby Portrait Session, we carefully evaluate all the images and select the best — based on expression, emotion, lighting, technical accuracy, background, and overall artistic appeal. These top images are then individually processed and hand retouched to create a true work of art. You will be invited back into the studio approximately a week after your session for your private viewing and cinematic screening where you will be able to choose your favourite images.

    Displaying your portraits

    We believe in having beautiful artwork for your home in addition to digital files for archiving. This artwork that you hang on the wall in your home, and you will pass by it every day on your way to work or your way to bed, and it gives you a lift, recreating the emotion of a particular time in your families life. You might move house; you might redecorate the room, but we guarantee you will continue to get joy from this art for the rest of your life. It will become more than a photograph; it will be an heirloom that will become part of your family's story for your generation and many more to come.


    Each product we offer is chosen for its craftsmanship, and the museum quality ensures that your images will be enjoyed for many generations! We invite you to our Belfast studio for a personal design session, and we would encourage you to think about space in your home where you would like to see your baby portraits and photograph it with your phone. During your viewing session, we will able to show you how different wall art displays will look in your home! We will discuss with you the many options for displaying your photographs in imaginative and beautiful ways. Contemporary or classic we will work with you to ensure your portraits fit your home perfectly.

    Reserve Now

    Please get in touch with us for details and pricing of our Baby Photography Session. It includes talent and time during the session, as well as the option for high-resolution digital images, and a credit towards wall art. Once you are ready to book your Baby Photography session, please email Catherine or Dermot at studio@dermotmurphy.com or call us on 02890 996976. Remember to book well in advance as we have a limit to the number of Baby Photography Sessions we do each week. We look forward seeing you and capturing these incredibly special memories for you and your family.

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