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A beautiful wee family is born...

The birth of Baby Isaac has created something wonderful!

This lovely wee couple who have known each other since Erin was 14, are a delight to watch as they embrace their new baby son.

Ralph has 3 little birds on his arm and that's what they are like! Soothing and grooming each other.

Ralph is fussing over Erin and feeding her while she fusses over Isaac and the circle repeats.

It's proof that this parenthood lark is instinctive as they just smell him and whisper in his ear watching for signs that there might possibly be anything in the world that he may need.

There isn't.

He's got it covered.

Words from Erin to you new mummies...

Ralph and I have been together for a year and a half. We have been childhood sweethearts and have been on and off since I was 14.

Our wish for our new baby was simply that he was happy, healthy and came out with all his fingers and toes. We just wanted to be able to love him for the rest of our lives and we certainly hope to do so.

I certainly learned just how handsome a man can be with a baby in his arms as well as just how photogenic my little Isaac is. As well as how all the lighting and backgrounds go to produce such spectacular photos.

The advice I would give to someone is to make sure they either have plenty of formula or boob to offer. Especially if they are as much of a feeder as our little Isaac is!

He must have spent the same amount of time on my breast as he did getting photos taken :)

I feel like the entire experience has bettered me as a parent as I'll now have professional photos to show him when he grows up as opposed to photos just taken on my phone. He would always have been loved and appreciated had we not have had this opportunity but now we get to show him just how much he means to us and just how beautiful he is. Nothing beats that feeling.

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