What a week!

We have had only 0.1% of the Queen's graduates through our doors over the past week but that has still meant over 500 people in front of the camera including family and friends and 8868 images ,to be precise.

It has been great fun and we have met some fabulous people!

We only needed 3 plasters and 6 paracetamol so all round it was a great success!

Not every graduate went to the trouble of booking a documentary style shoot but Karen was as pleased with the result as we were.

Every single one of our graduates were lovely to work with and we felt that this week went better than we could have hoped for.

So to the graduates, thank-you for trusting us with such an important occasion.

To the Mothers - didn't we do well? ( Our own son graduated this year and we couldn't be more pleased with ourselves ;0)

To the fathers-see? It wasn't so bad? It was worth wearing that tie all day just to see them do you proud!

Roll on next time! The bubbly is cooling as we speak;0)

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