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Lovely Lottie...

· Testimonal,Baby Portrait

Little Lottie has a lovely big brother Jacob who had some beautiful photographs taken by a Kildare photographer when he was a baby. Now that Lottie is here the logistics of returning to Kildare are formidable so we were honoured to be given the task of photographing his lovely baby sister.

Mum kindly brought in Jacob's images and we tried to complement the style and frames which were used.

It was not straightforward but we got there in the end and the result is a gallery in their home which would do any artist proud.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

This gorgeous body shot holds pride of place in the family bathroom! You will see Charlotte's image in many places throughout our branding because she is such a gaining wee baby and her image in our viewing room makes everyone smile.

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