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Do it for Dad!

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· Baby Portrait

Happy Father's Day to you all!

Some of you have not had your baby in your arms yet and it's all a bit abstract and theoretical at the minute. Let's have a picture with that bump :0)

Those of you new to the game are a bit stunned by the reaction of your neanderthal brain as you beat your chests and try to think of ways to keep your offspring safe and warm and under your roof for the next century. Let's have a picture...

As for the Dad's who are silently praying for the peace of empty nest syndrome when they fly away?

Let's be having you in front of the camera!

All of you never really get over the tiny toes and button noses and giggles so grab a camera and hand it to that big man taller than you who calls you "Dad" and that beautiful woman who calls you

at 3 am for a lift and get them to take one of you because if the ones you love are there you can be as goofy or grumpy as you like - they will still love it and so will you when you look back ;0)

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