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N. Ireland Photographer of the Year

by Dermot Murphy Photography

· Newborn Portrait

The story of the famous "Baby in the bowl "

It won't surprise those of you who know us to hear that this image was an idea from Catherine created by Dermot because that is what we do best. Chlöe was the firstborn of the lovely Julie & Jonny who were engagement clients who became a new family. ( That happens a lot ;)

Catherine wanted something about babies being delicious with their peachy bottoms and this is what he created in post production. This image won Portrait of the Year as well as Photographer of the year for Dermot :)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

So here's another one we prepared earlier...

This fantastical image was of the same baby ! With a little touch of magic and a sprinkle of technical ability Dermot re-created the story of Thumbelina which is so different in it's style and atmosphere that it hard to imagine that it is the same artist never mind the same model ;)

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